Donner MULTI-PAD100 Portable Multi-effects Processor with Unique Gamepad-like Shape

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Types: British standard plug
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Donner MULTI-PAD100 is a portable multi-effects processor with unique gamepad-like shape. It is loaded with amp, cab, mod, delay, reverb effects, tuner, and drum machine functions. With separate knob for different effect modules, you can combine any effect you like and make your own sound!
Donner MULTI-PAD100 definitely will be your good partner for practicing, jamming, or gigging. Suitable for both beginners and experts.
Dual power supply&Drum machine tempo
  • Dual power supply: DC 9V adapter (included) or 9V battery (not included) power supply. For power supply, use a 9-volt DC regulated by AC adapter, 500mA (plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the center).
  • Set drum machine tempo: Press TAP/TUNER button repeatedly (the button LED will pulse indicate to the current drum tempo you set).
  • Switch on/off speaker cabinet simulation. Matched cabinets for amplifier models (can be turned on/off at will).
  • Model:Fender* Tweed* 1x12/Vox* AC30* 2x12/Marshall* 2x12/Orange* 4x12/Peavey* 4x12/ENGL* 4x12/Mark Bass* 4x10
  • AUX Jack: 1/8” stereo audio jack, connect external devices such as mp3 players for audio playback.
  • PHONES Jack: 1/8” stereo headphones output jack.
Input Detection&Tuner
  • Input Detection: When input jack is not plugged in, MULTI-PAD100 will automatically power off. This will help you save power.
  • Tuner: Hold TAP/TUNER button 2 seconds to enable the tuner. The note name appears on the screen (the dot on the bottom right of the screen stands for “sharp”), and the pitch accuracy is indicated by the LEDs. When tuner is activated, MULTI-PAD100 will be muted. Press any button to exit tuner.
This is the default operating mode of MULTI-PAD100 after powering on. The LCD screen will display “PL” In this mode, and all parameter values will react immediately to the current knob settings.
In Patch Mode the LCD screen will display patch number: P0-P9 indicates 10 user patches, and F0-F9 indicates factory patches. In this mode all parameter values will be recalled from patches (may not related to current knob settings).
Note: User patches and factory patches can all be changed, but changes can only be saved in user patches.
When the patch is edited, the dot on the bottom right of the screen will light up to indicate.
Patch mode setting
  • Select a patch: Rotate the VALUE/DRUM to scroll through patches.
  • Edit patch: You can directly edit the current effect parameters in any mode. In Patch mode, after changing the current patch parameters, the dot at the bottom middle of the LCD screen lights up, it means that the current patch has been edited. If you save changes to the current patch or switch to another patch without saving, the dot will disappear.
  • Save patch: Press the SAVE/EXIT button once, the LCD Screen will display a patch position and will be flashing. Rotate VALUE/DRUM to select a desired patch position. Press either SAVE/EXIT or VALUE/DRUM to confirm saving. Hold SAVE/EXIT to cancel saving.
  • If you’re using MULTI-PAD100 with a 9V battery, when battery power is low (battery voltage lower than 5V), the screen will flash “LO” to indicate. In this case, please replace the battery or choose another power supply method
Note:British standard plug used in UK,European standard plug used in DE,FR,IT,ES. please purchase according to your needs.


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