Moukey Stereo Mini Phono Turntable Preamp Preamplifier with DC 5V ,RCA Input, RCA Output & Low Noise,Independent Knob Control Operation-MPAMP1

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Types: British standard plug
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Nice Sound for Vintage Record Players
The Moukey phono preamp boosts your turntable's phono audio level up to a more speaker/stereo receiver-friendly line level, giving you better volume and increased sound quality. It'll take your audio signal, amplify its strength, and prepare it for further processing by your receiver or amplifier.
Preamps provide voltage gain to your desired equipment and are key to assisting the signal source, whether it's a turntable, musical instrument or microphone.
The ultra-low noise audio conditioning circuitry allows the preamp to boost audio to levels that are more manageable for various types of audio equipment.
It will be more easier to adjust the recording level volumes of different sources from microphones and instruments alike.(NOTE: Position your preamp close to the source to reduce unwanted noise and interference. )
Unique DC 5V Power Supply
This product uses the latest DC 5V power supply mode, so no longer restricts the application scenarios. Note: Please use an external power supply with CE or UL certification, and stay away from the interference source, otherwise it will cause noise and other undesirable interference.
Clear Sounding Audio
The phono preamp creates smooth equalization for balanced, clear audio. Helps limit distortion and for the best quality sound, make sure to securely plug in all cables.
Small Size and Easy to Carry
The compact metal casing is both rugged and space-saving.

Note:British standard plug used in UK,European standard plug used in DE,FR,IT,ES. please purchase according to your needs.


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